Biking Buddy phone mockup

Biking Buddy

UI/UX | App Design

Biking Buddy is an app for anyone who likes an adventure to maybe even travel. It's designed for people to search for trails to bike on all around the world and to have directions on where to go on the trail without any data on their phone. This app allows the user to download trail maps so then they don't need 3G on their phone when biking through a new trail to find their way. It's simplicity and clean design makes it easy for the user to find their way through the app and achieve any task they wish.


Biking Buddy sketches 1
Biking Buddy sketches 2
Biking Buddy sketches 3
Biking Buddy sketches 4
Biking Buddy sketches 5
Biking Buddy sketches 6
Biking Buddy sketches 7
Biking Buddy sketches 8
Biking Buddy sketches 9
Biking Buddy sketches 10


Opening screen wireframe
Home screen wireframe
Find trails wireframe screen 1
Find trails wireframe screen 2
Find trails wireframe screen 3
Find trails wireframe screen 4
Find trails wireframe wireframe screen 5
Download trails wireframe screen 1
Download trails wireframe screen 2
Download trails wireframe screen 3
Workouts wireframe screen 1
Workouts wireframe screen 2
Workouts wireframe screen 3
Workouts wireframe screen 4
Workouts wirefrsme screen 5
Workouts wireframe screen 6
Workouts wireframe screen 7
Workouts wireframe screen 8
Workouts wireframe screen 9
Make trails completed wireframe
completed trails wireframe screen 1
completed trails wireframe screen 2
recommended trails wireframe screen 1
recommended trails wireframe screen 2
remove trail wireframe

Product Placement

App icon on iPhone screen mockup
App in the app store mockup
App screens on phone mockup



Bike icon
Location icon
Pause button icon
Play button icon
Biker on timer icon
Home icon
Workouts icon
Search icon
My Trails icon