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The Broadway Bar & Grill logo reflects a fun, friendly, and responsible approach that customers appreciate at a restaurant. The unity of the logo helps reinforce the direction and setting of this business. The font choice symbolizes responsibility as well as friendliness, characteristics that are important at a diner. This responsibility and friendliness helps establish the quality of food and service customers will have. The flow of the letters as well as the smooth edges implies the warmth and family feel you have when going to Broadway. Emphasis on the Canadian flag icon representing a flame and the plate icon signifies the meals you have at Broadway Bar & Grill will always be a Canadian meal.  The Broadway Bar & Grill logo reinforces the notion that it is a Canadian restaurant. The customers who come to Broadway will be taken care of in a friendly manner and have an enjoyable time with friends and family. This logo design will set in motion the fun, friendly, and responsible perceptions customers demand when going out to a bar & grill.


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